Baile Mágico
RC TypeUkaku
Classification{{{Classification (for kakuja level quinque)}}}
This is an ukaku quinque that is split into a pair of guns modelled loosely after the Colt Single Action Army revolver series.

Each revolver weighs up to 5 lbs, and has a length of 17" with the barrel included. Much like a real revolver, it feeds through a six-shot cylinder. Each one houses and grows ukaku projectiles, which take the shape of small 3" stakes. When fired, the ammo chamber will empty and will move whenever the next shot is made. There are small, vents on the ends of the chambers which light up when the chamber is empty. It will cool down and refill with a new stake in a matter of seconds (1 round). However, each chamber for each gun fills up individually. Meaning that if 2 shots are fired, it will fill up one chamber first and then fill up the next after it.

The bullets from Baile can shoot clean through ghouls, leaving holes the size of baseballs in a standard target. Easily capable of leaving grievous wounds on some of the most dangerous ghouls.