Diego Santana
Diego Portrait
Basic Information
BirthdayJuly the 8th
Weight190 lb
Personal Information
OccupationGhoul Investigator
RankSpecial Class Investigator
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Diego Santana is a Special Class Ghoul Investigator who is currently on a task force designed to limit and reduce ghoul migration in the U.K.


Despite his senior standing in the CCG, Diego is one of the more eccentric members to be found in the agency. He is better known for his expressive, and care-free behavior around others even in the presence of danger. During confrontations with ghouls, he can often become dramatic referring to himself as a hunter and his targets as animals. This clear distinction between his fervid passion in the line of duty and his more charming features outside him distinguish him as one few professionals in the CCG.


Given his status as a Special Class Investigator, Diego is a veteran in fighting ghouls. He possesses skill and physical prowess well beyond even the inhuman standards that ghoul investigators hold themselves to. Most famously is his exceptional dexterity and eyesight, which he uses to deadly effect with the collection of quinque made from high-rated ghouls.

  • Baile Mágico: An A+ Ukaku Quinque fashioned into a pair of 6-chambered revolvers. They were made from the kakuhou of an infamous ghoul, the "Monster of Madrid" in Spain when Diego still served in their Counter Ghoul agency. This is Diego's main choice of weaponry, and has used it ever since he was a Rank 1 Investigator.
  • Dentro Tú: This B-rate Bikaku Quinque takes the shape of a regular bowie knife. It has a 20" length, and large fixed blade that can be used to violent ability in CQC.

    Visualization of Dentro Tú