Valentin Veselay
Valentin 1
Basic Information
BirthdayJuly the 8th
Weight178 lb
Personal Information
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Ghoul Information
RC TypeKoukaku
Valentin Veselay is an English immigrant from Russia. He is among one of the many ghouls currently being smuggled into London.

Personality & BehaviorEdit

Valentin is a man of few word's, who always stands up for what he believes is right. However, despite this self-righteous behavior doesn't mean that he is any saint either. If it meant saving the life of his friends, Valentin would sooner betray a fellow ghoul and put them in the line of fire before he put himself there. In his own words, Valentin hates "romantics".

At his base, Valentin is a dependable friend that any one person could lean on. While he isn't much for moral support given his reservations, Valentin will readily defend the people who have earned his respect and loyalty. He admires hard work in all forms, preferring to be a man of action himself. In this same regard he gives mutual respect to those who show straightforwardness towards him, regardless of the context. He hates people who are self-pitying of themselves or too weak to stand up for themselves, but has a weakness for these types of people. Often rushing to aid these kinds of people, despite his grievances with these kinds of personalities.

Despite his natural inclination towards helping others around him, Valentin is not hopelessly engrossed in protecting those around him. Even though he might through a good punch or capable of taking a few, Valentin prefers more underhanded tactics in taking care of violent situations. If it means living another day, it doesn't matter if it makes people think Valentin as lacking in heart or guts so long as it gets the job done. While he isn't completely against the idea of putting himself under fire to save his friends, he'd rather try to seek another solution to the problem before he has to resort to something so reckless.

No matter where he goes, Valentin always carries a pack of cigarettes with him. He hates smoking, but has a habit of doing so in situations that call for action. Although it's unsure if the tobacco has an effect on Valentin given his ghoul biology, it seems to keep him level-headed much like a placebo would. 

Valentin is originally from Russia, where he lived as one of the countless ghouls in its many streets. He speaks fluent, and almost gentle Russian like a refined man would. However, his English is at best broken and can come off as very rough and aggressive. While he can read and understand basic words and sentences, he is not so adept with the many and varying adjectives of the English language which he sees as pointless.


Valentin 2
Valentin is a tall and light-weight individual with the body of a boxer. He looks to be within his age range, and has sporting, hazel eyes. His features are rather well-defined, and mature giving him an air of class. He has a short, black hair that always seems to be tousled, with simple sideburns and just enough chin hair to constitute a goatee.

No matter what time of day, Valentin was always noted for usually having a serious expression or something of the like.  Valentin doesn't care much for how he looks, preferring to wear what feels comfortable and sturdy to him. Because of this, you won't find him wearing much outside of his glasses (he uses to play his part in society), with a T-shirt and jeans.


Valentin has an underdeveloped koukaku kagune over his right shoulder blade. Valentin's kagune spreads over his arm much like a segmented piece of armor, with curved plates. Acting much like sode and kote would, acting a basic defense that covers his right side. The only offensive ability this adds beyond the weight increase are simple, spiked knuckles at the edge of the armor that Valentin can use to throw more violent punches.








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